Aldea As Lamas Nº20 Maceda - Ourense - España


42°17’47.3″N    7°41’24.7″W

42.296481   –     7.690188                    

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Maceda is located in the valley of "Alto Arnoia", with the "Serra de San Mamede" watching its historical evolution, undaunted; the proximity to the capital of Ourense 28 km away, and its cultural, natural and monumental offer within the "Ribeira Sacra", makes it the obligatory destination point for the visitor.

Distance 6 Km –  7 by car minutes



Perhaps the most ancient thermal Baths in Galicia. Watercolors painting besides fishing river. A Virgin of “Miracles” revered by devoted pilgrims. Its favourite son, the Comedian, Moncho Borrajo, with his own museum in the railway station.

Distance 8 Km –  14 by car minutes


42°14’34.0″N 7°40’16.6″W

42.242766, -7.671268



This monastery, which is unique due to the fact that it is excavated in the natural rock, displays none of the delicate Gothic structures nor the harmonious proportions of the Renaissance style. It is a very ancient, rough, almost primitive construction, which witnessed the first hermit settlements in the area. The historical value of San Pedro de Rocas (St. Peter of the Rocks) is more anthropological than esthetical .
The presence of the first inhabitants here can be traced back to the year 573. According to the inscriptions on its foundation tablet, which is kept at the Provincial Archaeological Museum, its founders were seven men who chose this beautiful spot as a retreat to lead a life of prayer.


TLF.- +34 988 372 020

Distance 10 Km –  15 by car minutes


42°20’30.5″N 7°42’49.2″W

42.341796, -7.713665



Come into the Ribeira Sacra with us. Get to know our different routes and enjoy about an hour and a half of an incredible trip through the Sil Canyon in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra.
Have fun also with our complementary activities such as kayaking, fishing, climbing, hiking or canyoning.

Distance 20 Km –  35 by car minutes



One of the most spectacular viewpoints in Galicia, and unquestionably the most popular in the Ribeira Sacra.
It is not that the capital of Spain is distinguished from here, but that it was the place chosen by women to see their emigrant husbands marching.
Many were waffle makers and they went with their song to the festivals (verbenas) in Madrid and other parts of Spain. This is also explained why in the village there is a monument dedicated to the Barquilleiro (waffle maker).

Distance 22 Km –  33 by car minutes


42.393042, -7.564761

42°23’35.0″N 7°33’53.1″W



Orense is a city in Galicia known for its hot springs, such as Burga de Abajo, a neoclassical fountain. Nearby, the As Burgas Interpretation Center investigates the history of the city's medicinal baths. The 12th century Orense Cathedral hosts the highly decorated Puerta del Paraíso. The emblematic Roman bridge, with its characteristic arches, crosses the river Miño.


Distance 22 Km –  20 by car minutes



Manzaneda is a small ski resort oriented for the enjoyment of familiar and quiet skiing. It is immersed in a vaste pine forest of more than 2,000 ha that provides it with an enormous beauty, especially in winter. Although it does not have a large extension of slopes (17 km), it offers beautiful off-piste routes through the pine forest, for people who know the area very well.
In recent years, a significant investment has been made in its bike park (circuits prepared for downhill mountain biking), but the rest of the services have not been neglected: modifying the pool to create a Spa with thermal circuit, as well as the construction and start-up of a Giant Zip Line and a Multiadventure Park.

Skiable length: 22 km

Ski area: 49.2971 ha

Maximum  height: 1.697 m

Minimum level: 1.500 m

Distance 56 Km –  1 one hour by car


42°16’21.7″N 7°17’30.4″W

42.272684, -7.291790




Located on a hill on the banks of the river Miño, the city of Lugo preserves major remains of its Roman past, among them its ancient wall, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Inside the walls, the city conserves quiet pedestrian streets, wide squares and spacious gardens, where buildings such as the Cathedral, the Archiepiscopal Palace, and the City Hall stand out.


Distance 112 Km –  1,20 hours by car


In the Galician province of Pontevedra, situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the city that lends its name to the southernmost estuary of the Rías Baixas: Vigo.

Its fishing origin has left an historic quarter with a strong maritime flavour, which contrasts with the modern facilities of its marinas. This city is an excellent base for visiting the towns and villages along the Vigo estuary and the Cíes Isles that form part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands. The cuisine of the Galician coast, based on fish and seafood, is an added incentive for visiting this region.

Distance 124 Km –  1,15  hours by car



Valença do Minho is a fortified village, strategically located above the Miño River, close to the Spanish border, which constitutes one of the greenest and most fertile lands of this region of northern Portugal.

This peculiar divided city constituted the first defense line against attacks from the neighbouring country. Good evidence of this are the two fortified squares, replete with bastions for defense, watchtowers and gigantic doors, together with a bridge that covers the wide moat which shaped the old part of town.

Distance 123 Km –  1,15 hours by car minutes



The capital of Galicia. A place where millions of people come from all over the world every year, many of them after traveling the Camino de Santiago. Its Historic Center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Distance 134 Km –  1,20 hours by car

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