Going green


Facing the actual needs without compromising the capability of the future generations to satisfy their own needs and allowing a balance between economic growth, commitment to the environment and welfare (what it is well known as Three Pillars of the Sustainability)

Celtainer is a project that, from the beginning, has always believed in the sustainability,

Our values


Celtainer is a project that, from the beginning, has always believed in the sustainability, divided into three levels related to the Building, the Energy and the Environment. Our building values are based on the self-building of the touristic apartments, by using used shipping containers, in order to give them a second useful life.



As to insulation, we tried to generate passive apartments, by insulating through different levels and slayers. For the interiors we mostly used OSB and pallets, with the purpose of recycling as much as possible.

By joining this good level of thermal insulation, the Energy used to warm up the apartments is lower than a traditional building. In order to warm up the apartments and to warm up the Sanitary Hot Water we used Aerothermy, that is a renewable source able to extract until the 77% of the energy contained in the air that surrounds us.

The Aerothermy’s systems are new generation heat pumps designed for air conditioning during summer, heating in winter and, in case, to produce domestic hot water, always.

We have installed 16 solar panels providing an output of almost 9,000 W.



We have to recognize that for many household uses you do not need the quality of drinking water, for instance in the wc we waste daily more or less 40 liters of drinking water. This is the reason why we decided to collect rainwater in order to have an independent canalization, that allows us to store rainwater in a water tank. It is a non-sense to use drinking water for the wc. The rainwater storage tanks to cover these needs are used again from the food-industries, to avoid water waste. Another topic really important for us is reducing the use of plastic, hence we decided to offer to our clients a plastic-free experience, even by using metal cleaning accessories, as for instance the mop buckets. All bed and bath linen are in cotton natural fibres.


Take care of the environment
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